Organization and hierarchy in 4D maps - videos of 3D phase-space slices (full quality)

Supplementary material to the paper:
Global structure of regular tori in a generic 4D symplectic map
S. Lange, M. Richter, F. Onken, A. Bäcker, and R. Ketzmerick
Chaos 24, 024409 (2014), 11 pages [arXiv:1311.7632 [nlin.CD]]
The following videos show 3D phase-space slices for the 4D coupled standard map.

Fig. 1: Central lines formed by families of 1-tori [→ reduced quality]

Fig. 2: Cantor central manifolds composed of 1-tori [→ reduced quality]

Fig. 4: Hierarchy of regular tori [→ reduced quality]

Fig. 5: Break-up of resonant tori [→ reduced quality]

Fig. 6: Periodic orbits for a rank-2 resonance [→ reduced quality]

Fig. 7: One-dimensional chain of periodic orbits [→ reduced quality]

All visualizations were created using Mayavi.

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