Videos of 3D phase-space slices (full quality)

Supplementary material to the paper:
Visualization and comparison of classical structures and quantum states of 4D maps
M. Richter, S. Lange, A. Bäcker, and R. Ketzmerick
Phys. Rev. E 89, 022902 (2014), 12 pages [arXiv:1307.6109 [nlin.CD]]
The following videos show 3D phase-space slices for the 4D coupled standard map.

Fig. 1: 3D phase-space slice [→ reduced quality]

Fig. 3: 3D projections [→ reduced quality]

Fig. 5: 3D phase-space slices and FLI [→ reduced quality]

Fig. 6: Husimi representation of eigenstates on the 3D phase-space slice [→ reduced quality]

Fig. 7: Shifting the slice condition [→ reduced quality]

Fig. 8: Adapted 3D phase-space slices [→ reduced quality]

Fig. 9: Elliptic-Elliptic orbit of period 7 [→ reduced quality]

All visualizations were created using Mayavi.

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